Odin’s Eye

Odin’s Eye aims to label eye disease images. In normal mode, the player has to choose the correct pathology for each image. This way, users are trained to detect certain diseases. After completing normal mode, the users advance to unlabelled mode, in which they get to assign disease labels to unlabelled data. The most fun is the difficult mode, in which the players need to align three pathologies of the same kind in one row or column in a “Candy Crush” fashion. This game was created in a seminar at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg by Qiu Jingna, Wang Jiawei, Fan Fuxin, Valianos Stelica, and Muhammad Farooq. The code is available at request.

The Android APK file for installation is available here. A WebGL version of the game can be found here. You can watch a short presentation on the game mechanics and a compelling in-game video here: