Donations can start now!

We just uploaded the agreement form in the How to Donate Section. Please use it and send it together with your donated data to us. We will return your TAN also by mail until our envelopes are printed.

Medical Data Donors is offering a 3 year PhD stipend with @FAU_Germany

Great news today: Medical Data Donors is offering a PhD stipend together with the Pattern Recognition Lab, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. We aim at developing the first levels of the crowd game and methods how to create deep learning segmentation algorithms that are created using crowd annotated data. Please send your applications (CV + publication list)Read More

MedicalDataDonors live in Nuremberg

See MedicalDataDonors live today in Nuremberg at the Hauptmarkt:

Medical Data Donors e.V. Website Up and Running!

It’s our pleasure to announce that the medical data donors website is finally up and running. Please check in frequently to get updates on the project. We try to keep you posted on all new developments.