We had a wonderful first seminar at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg in Summer Term 2019. Within the seminar, we were able to create multiple “annotation games” in the context of Medical Data Donors e.V. You will find short descriptions and download links for Android below: 


Zoogery lets you segment a rotating CT slice using the revolutionary “banana gun”. The game was created in FAU’s President Seminar in Summer Term 2019 by Merlin Nau, Leonhard Rist, Nikolaus Arbogast, and Julia Hetzel. All sources are available on GitHub.

Download the Android version here. If you experience problems with the joystick please use this version.

Mito bunny

This game was created by Srijeet Chatterjee , Mingxuan Gu, Zhaoya Pan, Wenyu Zhang, and Muhammed Umer Raja at FAU’s President Seminar in Summer Term 2019. The code is available at GitHub.

Download the Android version here.


This annotation game was created as part of the seminar work by Richin Sukesh, Sai Kishore Goshika, Srividhya Sathya Narayanan, and Vineet Vinay Bhombore.

Recent advances in algorithmic processing of medical data are largely based on the use of deep learning algorithms that rely on large amounts of annotated data. To cope with the often complex and time-consuming nature of data acquisition and annotation, data donation and distributed crowd-labeling are an appealing approach. We follow this idea and present a single/multi-player mobile game that aids in the annotation process of CT or MR scan data.

The beta version for Android can be downloaded here. The code is available at request.

Scan Racer

Scan Racer is a racing game that uses a CT slice image as a race track. The player needs to avoid obstacles and scores for following the edge contour closely. This game was created by Jessica Diehm, Robert Hermann, Tobias Pertlwieser and Wei-Cheng Lai at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. If you want to expand on this idea, we would be happy to share the sources.

The APK file for installation on an Android system can be downloaded here. Enjoy a teaser to the concept and some in-game videos here.

Odin´s eye

Odin’s Eye aims to label eye disease images. In normal mode, the player has to choose the correct pathology for each image. This way, users are trained to detect certain diseases. After completing normal mode, the users advance to unlabelled mode, in which they get to assign disease labels to unlabelled data. The most fun is the difficult mode, in which the players need to align three pathologies of the same kind in one row or column in a “Candy Crush” fashion. This game was created in a seminar at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg by Qiu Jingna, Wang Jiawei, Fan Fuxin, Valianos Stelica, and Muhammad Farooq. The code is available at request.

The Android APK file for installation is available here. A WebGL version of the game can be found here. You can watch a short presentation on the game mechanics and a compelling in-game video here.

Mr. Tooth

Mr. Tooth is an early version of a game for teeth segmentation and annotation. It was created by Celia Martin Vicario, Ehsan Olyaee, and Giulia Alessandrelli in FAU’s President Seminar in Summer Term 2019.

The APK file for Android can be found here.