Our Club

Steering Committee

1. Chairman: Prof. Dr. Andreas Maier

I am a computer scientist and interested in the development of algorithms for medical image processing. I help to improve medical image processing methods. Many of the image processing methods today employ methods of machine learning. For this we need a lot of data and annotations to create better algorithms for medicine. 
Medical Data Donors is the solution to get rid of the data shortage. Through donor consent, we can address ethical concerns. Furthermore, gamification allows us to create new concepts for annotating the data. In this way, we want to create the basis for completely new methods in medicine.

2. Chairman: Prof. Dr. Klaus Maier-Hein

I am a computer scientist whose goal is to improve the ability of machines to analyze and interpret medical image data. The focus of my work is on deep learning methodology especially on generalizability and dealing with uncertainty. In the context of medical image analysis, I work with radiologists, oncologists and radiation therapists on various clinical applications.
Medical research would benefit greatly if data donations made it possible to make larger data sets from a large number of individuals available for research. We are working on this vision in the Medical Data Donors association.

Secretary: Kai Packhäuser

I am a PhD student at the Pattern Recognition Lab and I am interested in privacy-preserving machine learning. The publication of medical image datasets can, under certain circumstances, seriously endanger patient privacy. Therefore, I try to develop methods that ensure privacy and prevent the disclosure of sensitive patient data.
Medical Data Donors aims to counteract the problem of limited data availability in the medical domain and thus strengthens the development of image processing algorithms. The fact that there is a strong focus on patient privacy in this regard is something I consider not only sensible but absolutely necessary. Therefore, I am happy to be a part of the association and to actively contribute to progress in the above mentioned areas.

Treasurer: Sonja Kunzmann

I am a PhD student at the Pattern Recognition Lab and interested in approaches to various image processing method. Getting medical data is one case, but annotating it is another. First the image content has to be recognized, which is also an important factor for many machine learning methods.
Medical Data Donors collects medical data for an image database and annotation is a crucial point. Currently, there is no public annotated medical database. So, we would like to elimenate this and annotate our database through gamification. My task is to think about and develop suitable solutions for that.

Founding Members and corporations

Andreas Maier

Klaus Maier-Hein

Christopher Syben

Lena Maier-Hein

Bernhard Stimpel

Katrin Mentl

Lorenzo Servadei