Can I donate data from outside Germany?
Yes. We are currently translating the respective forms and prepare an online interface for data upload.

Can I donate data of my children?
Yes, but the parents or legal guardians have to sign the consent form. If you want to do so, please consider talking to your children about this. Make sure that they will not be offended by your decision.

Can I donate data of deceased relatives?
Yes, but all heirs need to consent this decision.

Can somebody withdraw my consent after my death?
The only person to withdraw consent is the donor. You can for example withdraw your consent in your will that will become effective after your death. After that the decision cannot be changed anymore by anyone else. However, we do not store data indefinitely. Your data will be deleted as soon as it does no longer reflect the state-of-the-art anyway.

Does a medical scan/exam constitute a copyright?
At least for the case of Germany, only actions that comprise an artistic purpose can create copyright. A medical scan is done for the purpose of examination and therewith does not constitute copyright. However, there is the concept of photograph copyright that will apply in this case. This means that the person or institute that made the image/X-ray/Scan does have a right on the use of the data. In order to facilitate the transfer of the copyright, we ask donors to empower us to obtain permission from the legal photography copyright owner. In the worst case, we cannot use your donated data, because your medical examiner does not allow the use of your data. However, we have not encountered this situation so far.